Drones: The Essential Guide – All You Need to Know From Buying to Flying: Drone Types, Photography & Safety Tips

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Drones: The Complete Guide – the one book that teaches everything from drone basics to master the art of flying drones.

The book include the following section helping you to become a Drone Professional from a Beginner.

1. Understanding Drones – What are drones, what are there uses
2. Drone Controls – Understanding the controls to maneuver your drone safely
3. Drone Types – What are the types of drones available in the market
4. Flying Your Drone – The best tips and trick to flying your drone
5. Drones Buying Guide – How do you choose your drone from among the top brands
6. Buying Guide – Recommendations & Prices – Find the right drone for the job with the price within your budget
7. Buying Guide – Insurance – Does you drone need an insurance
8. Flying Your Drone – Getting Started – Learn how to fly a drone safely, Learn how to do Basic Maneuvers
9. Flying a Drone Like a Pro – Become a profession, take photographs, videos and learn to make money with your drone


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