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Giving classic cars an electric powertrain is a conversion growing in popularity. And now Oxfordshire-based firm Electrogenic has created a kit to give the original Land Rover Defender certified EV status. 

Electrogenic says the conversion is designed to be installed by a qualified mechanic and is ‘maintenance free’. 

An electric motor is bolted on to the Defender’s clutch bell housing, so it retains its original gearbox. The motor produces 120bhp and 235Nm of torque with 52kWh of batteries stored under the bonnet. A range of over 100 miles is claimed, but more range is available ‘driving off-road or around a farm’. Charging comes in the form of a 7.5kW AC overnight charger via a Type 2 connector, but fast charging can be added as an optional extra. 

Four-wheel drive remains and Electrogenic says the Defender’s off-road capability has improved with the addition of the electric motor. Towing capacity is said to be increased, thanks to the instantaneous torque the electric powertrain delivers. It also comes with dual-stage regenerative brakes which should help with off-road descents. 

Electrogenic has tested its electric Defender against a diesel-powered version and says the EV can save at least £6,000 in fuel costs in a year. Given the target price of the conversion is £24,000 plus VAT, it’s theoretical that the kit can pay for itself in four years, according to the firm’s claims. The conversion is also designed to last for over 200,000 miles. 

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