Travis Pastrana does Florida Man things in latest Gymkhana video

This year we’re getting not one, but two Gymkhana videos from the folks at Hoonigan. Ken Block already spent some time in Las Vegas with a custom electric Audi in the first one. For the second one, Travis Pastrana takes the series a little back to its roots with a turbo Subaru. And with the setting in Florida, you better believe there’s some Florida Man action with lifted trucks and jet ski motorcycles among other things.

The ride of choice for this video is Pastrana and Subaru’s 862-horsepower Subaru GL named “Family Huckster.” And it shows off all that power and its trick active aero throughout. Though arguably more amazing than the outright performance is the amount of abuse the car takes in the film. There are a number of enormous jumps and some rough bumps that result in some nasty hits to the car, and it shakes them off like nothing happened.

And there are plenty of other vehicles that show off and/or become parts of the scenery. In addition to the rides mentioned above, there’s a monster truck, helicopter, even a jet. YouTuber, car builder and racer Cleetus McFarland also shows up with a twin-turbo Chevy El Camino drag car. 

There are other interesting touches, too. We love that they incorporated the goofy ’80s song “We Love the Boom” about minitrucks with big sound systems as the lead-in (you have to see the music video). Pastrana’s BASE jump accident when filming is featured, too. All in a day’s (or multiple days’) work for a temporary Florida Man.

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