Universal Credit update as DWP shares ‘lesser known benefit’ which may save you money

Universal Credit is a payment designed to help those who are out of work, unable to work or on a low income. It can help people to manage their money monthly, providing them with the financial support they need. The benefit is currently overseen by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), which ensures individuals receive the sum to which they are entitled.

In this vein, the DWP is encouraging people to truly understand Universal Credit and the kind of support they could receive – aside from their monthly payment. 

One DWP work coach, Stephen Tanfield, who is based in Aylesbury, Bucks, shared an important point which many fail to consider. 

It could be particularly useful for those who want to manage their costs while progressing with opportunities presented to them.

This is a chance to secure up to 50 percent off train and bus travel.

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Those who are 18 to 24 years old will be able to secure the card for anywhere between three to nine months.

Whereas individuals aged 25 or over can receive an entitlement which lasts anywhere between three to twelve months.

The Government website explains: “Other benefit recipients may receive a Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount Card from three months of their claim and if they are actively engaged with a Jobcentre Plus adviser. 

“Cardholders are entitled to a 50 percent discount on selected rail tickets.”

Once received, the pass can be used for selected journeys, but could be very useful in getting out and about, particularly for work opportunities.

When individuals are on the hunt for a job, the DWP work coaches have stressed the importance of being open to different ideas and possibilities. 

Stephen added: “It’s easy to think that you’re suited to one role or profession.

“But, now more than ever, there’s actually so many new and emerging opportunities for people, many of whom don’t even realise they have transferable skills that would suit so many different things. 

“Don’t sell yourself short by limiting your own options unnecessarily.”

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