Minecraft partners with Cambridge to create educational world

Adventures in English with Cambridge was designed in collaboration with the exams and qualification provider and tech giant Microsoft.

Children can use the new world to practice their language skills in a “fun, interactive and immersive way”, solving puzzles and problems in a creative, engaging environment.

“This world takes English language immersion beyond the classroom into a magical Minecraft library full of mini games, with a fairy sidekick,” said head of Minecraft Education Allison Matthews.

The game focuses on skills needed for basic level, equivalent to A1 English and above of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

It brings together real-life communication and interactive games and puzzles, with a “story-driven” baseline.

“Young learners exploring our world will be able to practise their English skills, have fun and start a learning adventure they will never forget,” said Belinda Cerdá, head of digital partnerships at Cambridge Assessment English.

Cerdá went onto say that the game was built to help children learn the language while “playing a game they love”.

The game comes from the same team in Cambridge who produce the “world-famous” Cambridge English Qualifications, taken by people internationally.

While the game is generally marketed towards children, the game “can be enjoyed by children and adults” on their “English language learning journey”.

“Young learners exploring our world will be able to practise their English skills, have fun and start a learning adventure”

“As more and more Minecraft players and families download educational maps to play at home, we are excited to offer this top-tier language learning content to the broader Minecraft community,” Matthews added.

It is Minecraft’s first foray into wholly educational gaming, as it is the first education game available to buy in the Minecraft Marketplace.

Adventures in English with Cambridge has already won critical acclaim, having received gold in the K12 category at the Reimagine Education awards.

Players can buy the game in the Minecraft Marketplace here.

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