VFS Global is hosting OIEG’s language test in South Asia

VFS Global, a visa outsourcing company used by the UK government, is hosting OIEG’s ELLT Global test at its centres in Mumbai, India and Dhaka and Sylhet, Bangladesh, under a new partnership between the organisations. 

The ELLT Global is the invigilated version of OIEG’s at-home ELLT test. It was previously only available to take in-person at the Oxford International Pathway Colleges in the UK. 

“Expanding the number of test centres enables us to reach more students”

“Expanding the number of test centres enables us to reach more students,” said Gary Palmer, managing director at OIEG’s digital institute. “In particular, we are delighted to be able to support those students who might previously have struggled to access online platforms by offering them a safe and secure testing environment.”

More ELLT Global test centre locations are expected to be announced in 2023, with VFS currently operating over 3,400 application centres in 140 countries. 

“VFS Global has an extensive network and significant expertise in operating test centres with an additional layer of security and assurance to increase the confidence of partners and students alike,” OIEG said in a statement. 

Palmer added that the partnership would “enhance students’ choice”. 

“With the ELLT, students can take each component at a time that suits them, from the comfort of their home. On the other hand, the ELLT Global provides an invigilated environment and a stable internet connection, meaning students can take their test without any disturbances or issues with the network,” Palmer said. 

“In the case of the ELLT Global test, components are completed all in one sitting. Students complete their writing examination first, followed by automated reading and listening tests. During the student’s reading and listening sections, a qualified ELLT examiner marks the candidate’s writing submission before conducting the speaking examination with the student.”

The tests are currently accepted by over 50 universities in the UK, Europe and North America.

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