SAG-AFTRA Says Some Producers Aren’t Paying Actors For Time It Takes To Remove Make-Up & Wardrobe

SAG-AFTRA says that some producers aren’t compensating film and TV actors for the time it takes them to remove makeup and wardrobe at the end of their workdays – a violation of the union’s “15-minute rule.”

The union’s contract states: “When performer is not otherwise on compensable work time, performer shall be compensated for up to 15 minutes of time spent in the removal of ordinary makeup, hairdress or wardrobe.” The rule applies to films, TV shows and high-budget streaming shows.

“When applied correctly,” the SAG-AFTRA says on its website, “up to 15 minutes are added to the time when the performer’s compensable work time has ended, which determines the performer’s final dismissal time.”

The union notes, however: “It has come to our attention that producers may be incorrectly applying this rule with the effect of depriving members of pay for compensable work time and, in some cases, applicable penalties. Members should be aware that this rule does not limit the producer’s obligation to compensate performers from the time the performer is required to and does report, as directed, until the time such performer is finally dismissed for the day.”

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