Trapboy Freddy Popped on Weapons Charge, Cops Take His Tiger Cub

Source: @trapboyfreddy / Instagram

Trapboy Freddy is in contention for the wildest arrest of 2022. The Texas rapper was popped for weapons charges, and while getting pinched the authorities also seized his pet tiger.

Yeah, Trapboy Freddy has a whole wild animal, an apex predator, as a pet.

Officials say they discovered a tiger cub Wednesday caged inside Freddy’s Oak Cliff house. Officials seized the cat, but at this time, he hasn’t been charged with anything in relation to having the animal.

The Dallas rapper was charged with one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and is due to appear in court on Friday.

As for the tiger, it was transported it to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

The tiger made an appearance on Freddy’s IG a little while ago, so good look saying it was planted by the cops. Freddy took to IG to refute new reports about him in lieu of his arrest. He slammed FOX News while thanking WFAA for a more favorable report. He wrote:

“@foxnews I changed my life for the better but y’all only spoke on the negative I’ve done from 2009-2013 but you guys seen the dates but still failed to say that I was no billed for those violations and I got off that same probation Early for good behavior and completing everything I had to & I haven’t been convicted since 2009…. Thank you @wfaa for a better positive story about me . Yes I love animals been loving them my whole life ,but I’ve gotten closer to them these last past years since I’ve lost some of my best friends . 

You really can’t make this stuff up. But hey, so long as the tiger is well taken care of and he has all his permits…

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