Virtual Struggle Rapper FN Meka Gets Fried On Twitter, Dropped From Capitol Records Deal

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FN Meka

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FN Meka would be a terrible idea for anyone to put forth even under the best of circumstances. On Twitter, many are blasting the creation of the virtual reality rapper after an image surfaced of FN Meka being knocked by the police.

For those uninitiated, FN Meka is the creation of Anthony Martini and Brandon Le of Factory New. The creation of the AI rapper first made big news in early 2021. Back then, Martini explained that Meka is voiced by a human but all else about his persona, including lyrics, is created by artificial intelligence.

Meka would end up becoming the first AI rapper to be signed to a major label after Capitol Records pulled the trigger to sign the meme-worthy virtual artist and the buzz has been monumental despite the cringe-worthy potential on tap.

As many on Twitter discovered earlier today, including the great mind of Karlie Hustle, an image of FN Meka getting locked up by a virtual policeman while crying for his freedom spread far and wide while being met with plenty of bad favor.

We’re going to level with you here. We never heard one bar from FN Meka despite the buzz and the apparent attention-grabbing antics that made the robot rapper a thing. That isn’t to flex as if we’re cooler than the rest of the world, it just wasn’t our kind of bag and what is occurring online at the moment solidified our stance.

With all the critique around the image and the controversy that ensued, Capitol Records cut ties with the rapper as shared by a reporter from the New York Times.

Check out Twitter frying AI struggle rapper FN Meka below.

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