Celebrity trainer’s top tips on how to live without pain

“You need a level of good stress, but you need to find a balance for yourself and everyone is different and unique. I don’t want to give individuals a solid general answer as that is the problem, what can work for 70 percent of the population might not work for the remaining 30 percent.”

As well as his ethos of relieve, restore and perform, James promotes a 360 approach which incorporates: sleep, posture, activity, calm and energy. He says: “In theory if you address all of those things in your life, you are going to be better off and your health and wellbeing will be on another level.”

Although it may sound hard, James breaks down his advice with some top tips for how individuals can live pain free, no matter what their age. These tips include:

  • Do not be hard on yourself
  • Multitask
  • Be realistic.

In order to try and help others get started on implementing simple yet effective exercises into their daily routines, using the tips above, James added: “If you are brushing your teeth and you just want to stretch, something is better than nothing.

“I want it to be a common thing and for people not to be embarrassed. For example I travel a lot and I might be filling up my car with petrol and I say to myself ‘that is going to be the perfect time to stretch’ even if people are laughing at me. If I can stretch my calves they are going to feel really good when I am doing that two-hour journey.

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