2022 NFL Draft Day 2: Who are the best players available?

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The fact that Dean fell out of the first round means that some team is going to get the steal of a lifetime. A key piece on one of the best defenses that college football has ever seen, the linebacker won the Dick Butkus award in both high school and college. Though somewhat small in size (6-foot, 225 pounds) for the position, he has more than proven himself on the Bulldogs’ defense — this feels like a case of the front office overthinking his measurables without keeping in mind the energy and talent he unquestionably brought to a championship-winning team that just sent five defensive players to the league in the first round.

Where he’ll go: I honestly don’t even know where to project Dean at this point. If he’s not in the first few picks of the second round, it will be a shock — but I’ll say he’s going to either the Giants or the Jets, who have been doing a remarkable job of finding talent and giving their fans some hope this weekend.

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