3 Dansby Swanson destinations that would break Braves fans hearts

If Atlanta Braves free agent Dansby Swanson ends up signing with one of these teams, prepare to be heartbroken.

Dansby Swanson and the Atlanta Braves may be breaking up this offseason. After 827 games, 3387 plate appearances, and 775 hits, Swanson’s time in Atlanta could be coming to a close. He’s one of the most discussed free agents. He’s a candidate to return or break Braves fans hearts and land somewhere else.

Certain free agency destinations for Swanson won’t really bother Braves fans immediately. Let him go to the Chicago Cubs. Signing up with the Seattle Mariners won’t matter much to Braves fans until they possibly face off in a World Series.

Other spots, however, may have Braves fans feeling a little more heartbroken. These three spots would be especially painful. Swanson may return to Atlanta next year representing a different ball club. Hopefully, it’s not one of these three organizations.

1) Braves fans will be heartbroken to see Dansby Swanson sign with the Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are in the market for a shortstop this offseason. Swanson isn’t one of the candidates rumored to have a connection to Philadelphia. In fact, the other three have much more linking them to the team.

Trea Turner is a former teammate of Bryce Harper’s. Xander Bogaerts is someone Phillies executive Dave Dombrowski knows well from his time with the Boston Red Sox. Carlos Correa is simply splashier than Swanson.

Nothing guarantees the Phillies will land any of those three. If they miss out, could Swanson become a target?

It’s definitely something for the Phillies to consider. Swiping away Swanson from the Braves can help them. This isn’t the NFL so there’s no playbook he’ll bring with him to Philly. Nonetheless, there will be a sense of revenge whenever the two teams play each other. Swanson is one of several long-term Braves position players who never did get his extension. Being able to face off against them often in the National League moving forward might be the best way to serve it back to them nice and cold.

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