3 moves Braves must make to respond to Mets landing Justin Verlander

Charlie Morton, Atlanta Braves. (Photo by Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

The Atlanta Braves will need to respond to Justin Verlander signing with the New York Mets.

So the New York Mets decided to replace Jacob deGrom with Justin Verlander?

This means the Mets replaced one aging, often-injured ace pitcher with another. Then again, Mets owner Steve Cohen is going for broke trying to bring a World Series winner to Queens. The thought exercise here is to load up with hall-of-fame level pitchers who were alive the last time the Mets won the whole thing. Since there is no return from ’86, what are the Atlanta Braves to do about it?

Here is what the Braves need to do to ensure themselves of a sixth-straight NL East division title.

Atlanta Braves: Moves to make after Justin Verlander signed with New York Mets

3. Either sign a starter or a reliever, preferably one not born in the early 1980s

Technically, the Braves were in the running for Verlander, just like they were with deGrom. While the starting rotation is mostly of the under 30 variety, Charlie Morton will be back for another season as he approaches 40. Chuck is a legend and helped the Braves win their first World Series in 26 years on a broken leg, so I will hear no slander about the elder statesman of the rotation!

What I would suggest is either looking at signing a starting pitcher who has no memories of the George H.W. Bush Administration or a relief pitcher who does not remember where they were when O.J. Simpson’s Ford Bronco was cruising down the 405. If Alex Anthopoulos wants to bring back Kenley Jansen, okay, you got me. Then again, let’s give Max Fried the pay raise he deserves.

Look for the Braves to do something with its pitching staff in the wake of the Verlander signing.

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