5 best Free Fire MAX characters to get with gold for passive playstyle (March 2022)

Not everyone is a fan of the combat in Free Fire MAX. Some players want to complete tasks and reach the end zone alive. While they don’t shy away from a gunfight if provoked, they enjoy a more passive approach to gaming.

This style of gameplay largely depends on the player. However, it can be improved by using certain characters that offer defensive buffs and healing bonuses. They help improve the odds of survival and allow players to shrug off attacks and stay alive longer.

While many good characters have to be bought with diamonds, a few in Free Fire MAX can be bought with gold. This is a more economically friendlier option and allows players to experiment with combos and builds.

These five Free Fire MAX characters are worth their weight in gold

5) Olivia – 2,000 gold

Despite having a relatively low cost, Oliva’s ability, Healing Touch, is useful when playing in a team. When a downed player is revived, they get up with an extra 80 HP.

This enables the players to get right back into the fight without having to heal immediately This can provide a huge tactical edge for the team when stuck in a long-drawn battle.

4) Maxim – 4,000 gold

Maxim has mastered the ability to use consumables super-fast. His ability, Gluttony, allows the user to eat mushrooms and use medkits 25% faster than normal. While there are no direct healing bonuses, players will spend less time using the item.

This can be a life-saver when playing a 1v4 match and healing fast. If done in the nick of time, players will counter-attack opponents who rush at them.

3) Rafael – 6,000 gold

Thanks to Rafael’s in-depth knowledge of stealth combat, he has developed a unique ability called Dead Silent. When using snipers and marksman rifles, players will gain a silencing effect on them.

Their shots will be masked, allowing them to take out an opponent without attracting attention. Additionally, if an opponent has been downed, they will bleed out 45% faster than normal. This will make it harder for their teammates to revive them.

2) Notora – 6,000 gold

Many passive players enjoy traveling in vehicles during their playthrough. Rather than walk, they take a cruise through the battlefield. For these players, Notora is the best option in Free Fire MAX.

Her ability. Racer’s Blessing allows the player to provide hit point recovery to the entire team while driving a vehicle. Players will recover five HP every two seconds while inside the vehicle.

1) Kapella – 8,000 gold

Kapella’s is one of the strongest in Free Fire MAX when it comes to healing abilities. It is called Healing Song and provides a plethora of bonuses. To start with, it increases the effect of healing items and healing skills by 20% each.

Additionally, teammates downed in combat will bleed out 30% slower. This makes the process of reviving an ally less hectic as players can take some time before attempting to help them up.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions. The abilities mentioned are at the characters’ maximum levels.

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