5 Best Kettlebell Core Exercises for Men

Kettlebell core exercises can be a variation in your core workout routine. It’s important to add variations to ensure the body does not hit a plateau.

Moreover, kettlebell exercises burn an impressive number of calories while helping the muscles become stronger. Quite a few kettlebell exercises are full body workouts, which have an impact on the core muscles, flexibility, and stability. Kettlebells are an excellent alternative to cardio workouts.

Kettlebell Core Exercises for Men

Here are five best kettlebell core exercises that can help men build a strong set of abdominal muscles along with improving overall core stability.

1) Kettlebell Side Bending

Kettlebell side bending is a great kettlebell core exercise to work on the sides. Moreover, it’s the easiest workout to begin with. All you have to do is hold the kettlebell from the handle with one hand, and do side bendings.

When you do side bending, you bend towards the side you’re holding the weight on, and pull yourself back using the side/oblique muscles of the other side. It’s important to have the core muscles engaged during the entire exercise.


2) Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

The kettlebell Turkish get up is a full body exercise that focuses on the core muscles in the first half of the exercise and stability in the second half.

To do the exercise, lie on the floor holding the kettlebell handle with your right palm, right leg folded from the knee and left leg extended. Lift your torso using your core muscles, and use your left hand as support. Keep your right hand extended overhead while holding the kettlebell.

Lift your hips off the floor. Bring in your left leg so that it extends backwards from the knees, and the right foot is firmly on the ground. Remove your left hand as support, and use the core muscles to stabilize yourself before standing up.

During the entire movement, your right hand must be extended overhead while you’re holding the kettlebell. Repeat on your left side.


3) Kettlebell Sit and Press

The kettlebell sit and press can be considered as a foundational movement. To do this exercise, lie on the floor while holding a kettlebell from the bottom.

Raise your torso using your core muscles. Once you’re sitting with your back straight and legs extended, push the kettlebell overhead while maintaining balance using your abdominal muscles.


4) Kettlebell Windmill

Kettlebell windmill exercises work on the core muscles but put more pressure on the sides.

To do a kettlebell windmill, stand straight by holding a kettlebell in your right hand, keeping it extended overhead. Bend from your left side, and bring your left hand between your legs, and touch the floor. It’s important to use the core muscles to make your upper body stable during the entire movement.


5) Kettlebell Renegade Row

Renegade rows use a plank position and require you to bring the weight up to your upper body while maintaining the position. This is an advanced kettlebell core exercise.

It’s especially difficult to do with kettlebells, as you have to keep your palms on the kettlebell handles during the exercise. Moreover, you should focus on keeping your core strong to ensure you can be balanced while your upper body’s weight is on one arm.


Bottom Line

Kettlebell core exercises do not need to be a part of your everyday abs workout routine. Nevertheless, it’s great to do them once in a while to ensure you’re developing core strength and toning your abdominal muscles.

More importantly, when you’re developing core muscles, you need to give them enough rest to allow the muscles to recover and become stronger. Ideally, you shouldn’t train the same set of muscles every day.

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