5 Justin Fields trades the Bears could make and take Bryce Young No. 1

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

Most Bears fans want to keep Justin Fields and trade the No. 1 pick, but a possibility remains that Chicago trades Fields in order to draft Bryce Young.

Whenever the Houston Texans gifted the Chicago Bears the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the assumption by many fans was that the team was going to trade the selection for a team looking to draft either Alabama star Bryce Young or Ohio State star C.J. Stroud. However, there have been murmurs that, instead, the Bears could trade Justin Fields and take one of the quarterback prospects for their own.

And as the playoffs move forward and Chicago is preparing for its offseason, that’s starting to look like more of a possibility.

Hall-of-Famer Warren Sapp recently said that the franchise would trade Fields and draft Young. Meanwhile, when asked about the situation, NFL insider Benjamin Allbright said that the Bears were still exploring every option that’s on the table for them.

So what if the Bears do pursue a Justin Fields trade? There is no shortage of quarterback-needy teams and trading with Chicago might earn a team a favorable deal in landing a former first-round pick who has flashed great potential. But if we’re narrowing it down, these five teams like like the prime candidates for a Justin Fields trade and we’ll look at the packages they could send to get a deal done.

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Justin Fields rumors: 5 trades Bears could make and take Bryce Young No. 1

5. Raiders could make Justin Fields trade if veteran market dries up

With the decision to move on from Derek Carr, the Raiders are very much in the market for a quarterback. There has already been talk about Las Vegas as a potential destination for Tom Brady. Additionally, the franchise trading for Davante Adams last offseason has led to speculation that silver and black could be the new colors for Aaron Rodgers as well.

Having said that, both Brady and Rodgers are in situations where they are at the ends of their respective careers and should be looking to win another Super Bowl. Las Vegas can’t totally offer that right now as they have more holes to fill.

So if they were to miss out on their top two free agency targets, perhaps a Fields trade would then come into focus. And based on previous quarterbacks on rookie deals getting traded coupled with what Fields has shown to this point, here’s what a Raiders trade package might look like to sway the Bears to make the move.

Bears Get

2023 First-Round Pick (No. 7)

2023 Third-Round Pick (No. 71)

2023 Sixth-Round Pick (No. 204)

Raiders Get

QB Justin Fields

2023 Seventh-Round Pick (No. 220)

Chicago would be sitting pretty with the opportunity to select Young with the first-overall pick and then still have a Top 10 pick to work with and fill out more of the roster, the same of which is true for getting another Top 75 selection. As for the Raiders, they get their quarterback on a rookie contract while then freeing themselves up to fill out those holes and put the Ohio State product in a position to succeed in terms of the roster around him.

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