5 WWE Superstars who almost experienced death

From hard-hitting brawls to gravity-defying jumps, WWE Superstars go the extra mile to entertain fans. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they put their lives on the line to put on a great show.


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These stars, like any other person, face a lot of problems in their professional as well as personal lives, some even being fatal. From eating disorders to deadly accidents, many superstars have had serious life-threatening experiences.

They have found ways to overcome such fatal situations and have proven why they are no more than role models to their fans.

These WWE Superstars almost experienced death

The five stars in our list in the video above are as follows:

  • Jerry Lawler suffers a cardiac arrest on Raw
  • Alexa Bliss’ eating disorder
  • The Undertaker was almost burnt alive
  • Ric Flair survives a plane crash
  • Shane McMahon survives a helicopter crash

Watch the video in its entirety to learn everything about the situations these stars had to go through.

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