69th Men’s Senior National Kabaddi Championships 2022 Day 1 results: Haryana thrash BSNL, Services demolish Assam on opening day

The opening day of the 69th Men’s Senior National Kabaddi Championship saw 10 matches take place at Charkhi Dadri in Haryana.

Hosts Haryana thrashed BSNL 58-5 in their opening encounter of the season. BSNL have returned to the league after missing out in the last few years but didn’t have the greatest of starts.

Defending champions Indian Railways started their campaign with a bang, defeating Orissa in their season opener. Services, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Goa also registered high-margin victories in their opening encounters of the season.

Delhi beat Assam 24-11 in the season’s first low-scoring encounter. Meanwhile, Chandigarh defeated Punjab 51-50 in a closely-fought match. Both sides gave it their all to get the victory and it was the former who came out on top.

69th Senior National Kabaddi Championship 2022 Results, July 21

Haryana beat BSNL 58-5 in Pool F

Indian Railway beat Orissa 51-19 in Pool A

Services beat Assam 55-17 in Pool B

Rajasthan beat Vidarbha 60-31 in Pool C

Maharashtra beat Tripura 69-20 in Pool D

Himachal Pradesh beat Jammu & Kashmir 46-23 in Pool F

Chandigarh beat Punjab 51-50 in Pool H

Uttar Pradesh beat Madhya Pradesh 63-40 in Pool G

Goa beat Vidarbha 48-29 in Pool C

Delhi beat Assam 24-11 in Pool B

69th Senior National Kabaddi Championship 2022 Fixtures, July 22

Tamil Nadu vs Gujarat

Kerala vs Jharkhand

Karnataka vs BSNL

Chhattisgarh vs Telengana

Uttarakhand vs Punjab

Bihar vs Orissa

Services vs Pondicherry

Rajasthan vs Vidarbha

Maharashtra vs Gujarat

Himachal Pradesh vs Jharkhand

Karnataka vs West Bengal

Uttar Pradesh vs Telangana

Chandigarh vs Andhra Pradesh

Delhi vs Puducherry

Goa vs Manipur

Tamil Nadu vs Tripura

Kerala vs Jammu Kashmir

Haryana vs West Bengal

Chhattisgarh vs Madhya Pradesh

Uttarakhand vs Andhra Pradesh

Indian Railways vs Bihar

Manipur vs Vidarbha

Rajasthan vs Goa

Himachal Pradesh vs Kerala

Edited by Sankalp Srivastava

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