7 best Minecraft YouTuber skins in 2022

Minecraft has an interesting relationship with YouTube. The game would not be nearly as popular without YouTube content creators and Twitch streamers. However, on the flipside, these content creators often have their entire careers hinged on the title’s prominence.

In that regard, dozens of creators have their own Minecraft skins that’ll eventually become iconic. Detailed below are seven of the best and most popular skins that the YouTube community has ever seen.

Seven of the most iconic Minecraft YouTuber skins in 2022

7) Jschlatt


Jschlatt is quite the character, with an intense and overwhelming persona that is no stranger to controversy. However, having survived multiple attempted cancelations from Twitter users, this YouTuber and Twitch streamer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Jschlatt was a major player in CallMeCarson’s SMPLive, which was the first major content creator server. He also played a significant role in the Dream SMP, having a huge influence in the L’Manberg saga of the server. His business-suited skin is both iconic and infamous, depending on the player’s perception.

6) Grian


Grian is a popular YouTuber with more than 7.8 million subscribers. This makes him the second most subscribed member of the beloved Hermitcraft server. Grian is commonly associated with Mumbo Jumbo, as the two often spend time together in-game.

He is known for his building tutorials and inability to do redstone, though the latter has gradually changed over the years. On the surface, this skin seems quite simplistic, however, that’s what makes it endearing. Since the skin is both clean and effective, red shirts have almost become synonymous with Grian.

5) Mumbo Jumbo


Mumbo Jumbo is another member of the Hermitcraft server. He is just shy of 8.5 million subscribers and is the most popular YouTuber featured on Hermitcraft. Coupled with that, he is also known for his redstone tutorials and snapshot videos.

Mumbo Jumbo has another skin that also seems plain, featuring a light colored character with short hair and a classy business suit. With that being said, it’s renowned for having the most famous mustache in MInecraft.

4) Philza


Philza was launched into YouTube and Twitch fame after losing his five-year hardcore world to a baby zombie. This is actually the current world record for the longest lasting hardcore world.

Philza’s skin features a dark trench coat over a green robe. However, its most iconic feature can be found atop its head. The skin sports a bucket hat with alternating green and white stripes around it.

Apart from that, it is actually based on Kisuke Urahara, a popular character from Bleach.

3) Captain Sparklez


Captain Sparklez or Jordan is one of the internet’s classic Minecraft YouTubers. His musical parodies about the game are incredibly famous, with many accumulating tens of millions of views. The impact of Captain Sparklez’s work on the fandom is inarguable, with his skin being just as influential.

Captain Sparklez’s skin is that of an unkempt DJ, featuring thin shades, a suit and a half-buttoned button up shirt. The YouTuber and his skin actually appeared as a cameo in Minecraft: Story Mode, helping to cement its legacy even further.

2) Dream


Love him or hate him, there is no arguing that Dream is an incredibly popular YouTuber. Routinely pulling in tens of millions of views on his manhunt content, he was incredibly influential in pushing Minecraft into the mainstream.

Despite the controversies surrounding his cheating in a speedrun, it is undeniable that his bright green skin with a plain white smile is one of the most prominent in the game.

1) Technoblade


Technoblade was one of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers around and by far the best PvP player that the game has ever seen. While his skin is incredibly iconic, it’s a heartfelt sign of commemorating his contribution.

For those unaware, on June 30, 2022, Technoblade passed away after his battle against cancer. His demise has rallied the Minecraft community like never before, and his skin is now the most iconic in the game.

It features a humanoid pig with red royal garments covering the body of the suit, alongside thigh-high boots. Furthermore, there is a small blue cape on the skin’s back, with its head sporting a gem encrusted crown.

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