76ers’ fans choose side in the Kevin Durant – Stephen Curry beef

Philadelphia 76ers fans let us know who they like in the Kevin Durant vs. Stephen Curry debate.

When it comes to picking sides in the Kevin Durant vs. Stephen Curry debate, Philadelphia 76ers fans made it abundantly clear what side they are on.

Wearing street clothes on the Brooklyn Nets bench, Durant was booed ferociously by the Philadelphia faithful. While that might be par for the course when it comes to any Atlantic Division rival of the Sixers, what Philly did a few days later when the Golden State Warriors came to town was a complete shock. We actually got Curry for MVP chants out of the Wells Fargo Center crowd.

When it comes to KD vs. Steph, the City of Brotherly Love has all the love for Curry and none for Durant.

Philadelphia 76ers fans prefer Stephen Curry over Kevin Durant

When Durant left Golden State after three seasons to attempt to form another superteam with Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, we all had to pick a side: Were you Team Steph or Team KD? For those with ties to the Warriors, it wasn’t that hard, but for others, it was not that simple. Okay, maybe it really was, but wasn’t it cool to see the 76ers give us the answers we were all hoping for?

What was weird in all of this is Philadelphia already has its own MVP candidate in center Joel Embiid. He may not play in enough games to win the award, but this year’s MVP is more up for grabs that it is in most years. Even though Curry is a two-time winner of the award himself, he is only the MVP in Philadelphia’s eyes this year. Golden State isn’t good enough to have an MVP.

By way of the popular vote, the Philly fans have clearly  decided Curry is better than Durant.

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