A Cowboys fan deciphered draft board Jerry Jones showed to the whole world

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made a huge mistake during the NFL Draft, which caused him to get exposed.

NFL fans are some of the most brilliantly funny individuals among the sports fandoms, and their latest troll job with owner Jerry Jones brings up some red flags.

After the first round of the NFL Draft, Jones flipped a piece of paper that had the Cowboys’ draft board on it during his press conference.

The moment that happened, anyone who didn’t think it would come back to haunt Jones and the Cowboys must be new to Twitter and social media.

Most people probably thought it didn’t last long enough for anyone to see, much less figure out what it said, but boy was it. By now, people should know just how quickly social media works.

Cowboys draft board Jerry Jones showed to the world deciphered by fan

This person not only got the perfect screenshot but was able to decipher the names on the list to expose the Cowboys.

Nothing is safe, and while this didn’t surface until after the draft, it still just makes Dallas look bad. This leaked list didn’t surface until after the draft, but who let Jones have a legitimate draft board when no one ever knows what he will do.

Maybe this draft board will come out as fake, but right now, it doesn’t seem like it will, and that is such a cringe moment for Cowboy fans. How much more can they take before enough is enough?

He looks so proud of himself for turning that piece of paper around, but now Jones looks silly.

Dallas had the No.24 overall pick in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft and selected offensive lineman Tyler Smith. 

While Jones remained adamant that Smith wasn’t a second thought, this superb troll job tells everyone the opposite. Kayvon Thibodeaux and Evan Neal were the top two choices. Aiden Hutchinson was on there and No.1 overall pick Travon Walker.

This list shows how out of touch Dallas is. Smith was the 16th player on this list, the last name on it. Yeah, Jones can claim he wasn’t an afterthought, but he was probably the fifth plan, which still doesn’t make sense why they drafted him.

When the Cowboys were on the clock, two of their top 16 names remained, Lewis Cine and Smith. The New York Giants plucked a couple of their top players, making this even funnier because they are division rivals.

Jones is out of his league and showing the world his top draft picks — it’s time for him to limit his time with the Cowboys. He clearly didn’t understand that you don’t show the draft board to the public. Only Jones would do this because no one else is bright enough to make that mistake.

The Cowboys didn’t draft well this year, and it’s not a surprise as the leaked list shows Dallas was a little out of touch.

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