“A real mother would never do this”: Kadejah Brown shooting video sparks outrage as woman kills husband on Facebook live 

Kadejah Michelle Brown, a 28-year-old woman from Lowndes County, Mississippi, was charged over the killing of her husband during an argument that was being streamed live on Facebook. Brown reportedly shot Jeremy while he was trying to leave their apartment in an attempt to diffuse their verbal altercation.

Trigger Warning: This article contains mentions of shooting alongside disturbing video content. Reader/Viewer discretion is advised.

Sheriff Eddie Hawkins told WCBI that the shooting happened around 7:30 AM on Sunday at Greentree Apartments. Law enforcement officials reportedly responded to a domestic violence call at 500 Greentree Drive at about 7:40 AM and arrived at the scene to discover a male victim deceased from a single gunshot wound.

Officials later identified the victim as 28-year-old Jeremy Brown and confirmed that he was the suspect’s husband and lived at the same residence. Deputies also recovered a 9 mm handgun from the crime scene along with other physical evidence.

Sheriff Hawkins said that Kadejah and Jeremy were involved in a verbal argument that eventually turned physical in nature. The woman allegedly streamed the last part of the argument on Facebook and only the audio of the shooting went live on the social networking site:

“The phone had been thrown down, and then you heard the shot.”

Audio from the Facebook live footage also revealed a crying noise in the background which reportedly sounded like a child. Sheriff Hawkins also mentioned that there was an alleged history of domestic violence between the couple:

“There was a history of domestic violence between Brown and the victim. This was a tragic and senseless murder and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victim. Fortunately, Brown is in custody and we look forward to the criminal justice system holding her accountable.”


The incident also sparked outrage on social media, with several users seeking justice for the victim. YouTube user Sarah Gates pointed out that there were kids present at the apartment during the time of the shooting and they were reportedly crying by saying “please, daddy, please” during the livestream.

The user said that the children might grow up thinking that “mothers behave this way” and that fathers can be taken away because mothers are “mad about workload and shared chores.” They also mentioned that a “real mother” would never behave like Kadejah and always put children’s needs first:

YouTube Comments (1/1) (Image via YouTube)
YouTube Comments (1/1) (Image via YouTube)

Meanwhile, user Coco Butta asked officials to “lock up” the woman and “throw away the keys”:

“Lock her up and throw away the keys. It’s so sad that her mother was also instigating the situation. She is yelling she didn’t mean to do it but she did. She pulled out a gun and said it’s going to be murder today.”

Following the shooting incident, Kadejah Michelle Brown was charged with murder and taken into custody.

Netizens reacts to Kadejah Brown shooting her husband during Facebook live

Mississippi woman Kadejah Brown left social media users aghast after fatally shooting her husband during an argument and livestreaming the entire disturbing ordeal on Facebook.

The video sparked outrage online, with several social media users condemning the woman and asking law enforcement officials to provide her with significant legal punishment over the murder:

Instagram comments (1/4) (Image via Instagram)
Instagram comments (1/4) (Image via Instagram)
Instagram comments (2/4) (Image via Instagram)
Instagram comments (2/4) (Image via Instagram)
Instagram comments (3/4) (Image via Instagram)
Instagram comments (3/4) (Image via Instagram)
Instagram comments (4/4) (Image via Instagram)
Instagram comments (4/4) (Image via Instagram)

Sheriff Eddie Hawkins stated that Kadejah Brown is reportedly in custody at the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center and no bond has been set at the time of writing.

She was reportedly taken into custody without incident and is being held while awaiting her initial court appearance. The shooting incident is also under investigation.

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