Aaron Rodgers trade rumors are happening again after Jets hire Nathaniel Hackett

Hey y’all, remember when the Broncos were considered favorites to land Aaron Rodgers because Nathaniel Hackett became the head coach in Denver?

Remember the photoshops?

Remember the random Aaron Rodgers quotes about Hackett?

Yeah, so that actually never happened. Denver traded for Russell Wilson and Rodgers re-upped with the Packers ahead of last season. The Broncos went through one of the most dysfunctional, offensively inept seasons the NFL has seen (people were tracking Wilson’s passing TDs as a comparison to the amount of bathrooms he had in his house!). Hackett was the subject of multiple questions about the offense and clock management, to the point where he hired a clock management guy who ended up replacing him when he was eventually fired.

Oh yeah, and the Broncos’ top five first round pick due to the tire fire that was the 2022 season actually belongs to the Seahawks because of the Wilson trade.

So, if a team is looking for a new offensive coordinator, naturally the choice is Hackett, right?

Well if you’re the New York Jets then absolutely.

The Jets are hiring Nathaniel Hackett and citing his results with offensive powerhouses like the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills pre-Josh Allen, and his work in Green Bay, where he didn’t call plays.

Yeah, that work that he did in Jacksonville and Buffalo?

Not exactly a glowing review.

We all know why this is happening. This is all for the right to maybe get Aaron Rodgers to come play for your team. Rodgers seems like he’s on the outs with the Packers, especially with the way the season ended, but you can’t count out Rodgers returning to Green Bay. Hackett seems to be cool with Aaron Rodgers, so maybe THIS time it’ll work for this franchise, right?

The photoshops are already out there:

Everyone is connecting the dots:

That means it has to happen, right?

This is going to be a wild NFL offseason, and the speculation is just getting started.

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