Adam Azim promises to show opponent Anthony Loffet respect, but drop him as soon as he gets the chance

Adam Azim does not need to hold back on his journey to the top, says promoter Ben Shalom.

For a fighter who is only 20 years old, Azim should have all the time in the world. But the rising prospect is ready to rush. He sees a fighter like Devin Haney, just 23 years old, at the top of the lightweight division and wants to reach that level.

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Sky Sports’ Johnny Nelson believes Azim has the potential to become a superstar in the sport

“It’s motivation for sure but I sense a bit of frustration,” Shalom told Sky Sports News.

“He wants to be talked about in that bracket and I think in 12 months we will be talking about him in that bracket.”

To get there, he would have to be moved quickly and on Saturday, live on Sky Sports, he will be matched with Belgium’s Anthony Loffet for the first scheduled 10-round bout of his career.

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Saturday 25th June 7:00pm

His promoter, though, does not expect the fight to last that long.

“Every time he steps up, he knocks them out. I’d love to see him go the distance. I’d love to see him get tested. I can’t say I expect that this fight. I think he’s going to show us again how fast he is, how powerful he is at the weight,” Shalom said.

“At that weight he’s formidable. He’s sparring middleweights. He’s sparring middleweights with big, big power and dealing with it.”

Azim shares that expectation. He stopped Conner Marsden in rapid time in his last fight and could do so again against Loffet.

“I didn’t force that shot [against Marsden]. That shot just came. I saw the opportunity I hit him and he dropped. When I fight this Saturday, if that shot comes again or any opportunity when I land on him, then obviously I think he will go down,” he said.

Nevertheless he promises he has prepared himself for the full 10 rounds, if required. “It’s no pressure. I’ve been doing 10 to four rounds in sparring,” Azim said. “I believe I’m fit for any amount of rounds. I’m ready.”

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Sky Sports head of boxing Adam Smith is excited at what is in store for Azim

He came face to face with Loffet at Thursday’s public workout.

“I looked in his eyes, I’m showing him in his face that I’m there, I’m there to win. And he’s there to win as well, don’t forget that. You can’t disrespect your opponent. You’ve got to respect your opponent as well because they’re up here. All my opponents I respect them because they’re very good fighters. Any opponents that get sent to fight, I respect them,” Azim declared.

“This is the start of my journey, this is the first of many,” he continued.

“Whenever it comes, let’s see if I’m ready to take the world-level route when I get up there in my career. But at the moment it’s on Saturday night and that’s what I need to work on.”

Watch Adam Azim, Sam Eggington vs Przemyslaw Zysk, Karriss Artingstall’s pro debut and more live on Sky Sports Action and Sky Sports Main Event tomorrow from 7pm.

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