AEW star gives a five-word response after being compared to The Rock

AEW star Ricky Starks has responded to him being compared to The Rock. In a recent Twitter exchange, the reigning FTW Champion responded to a fan regarding the same.

On the latest edition of AEW Dynamite, Starks successfully defended the FTW Championship against former WWE star Cole Karter. Shortly after, he was confronted by Danhausen.

Starks and Danhausen’s interaction received quite the praise on social media. This also led to the Team Taz member claiming he has the same work ethic as The Great One.

“Same energy. Same work ethic,” wrote Starks.

Check out Ricky Starks’ tweet below:

Starks was recently unsuccessful in his attempt to capture the AEW World Tag Team Championship alongside Powerhouse Hobbs. However, the FTW Champion will aim to get past Danhausen, as he is set to put his title on the line on the upcoming episode of Dynamite.

Ricky Starks recently commented on being compared to The Rock

AEW star Ricky Starks has been compared to The Rock on more than one occasion, courtesy of his mic work and his charismatic demeanor.

Speaking in a recent interview on The PWI Podcast, the FTW Champion revealed his honest opinion on being compared to the WWE legend. Starks stated that it almost felt like people were seemingly trying to discredit his originality. He said:

“Well, the only thing that bothers me is when people try to say that I’m actually actively copying The Rock with the way I dress and all this other dumb sh–. It does p— me off because I’ve never gone into wrestling trying to copy The Rock. I’ve never studied The Rock’s promos to do exactly how he does. Everything I do, it comes from my head. It comes from how I feel and how I want to look. So when I hear people say that and discredit my originality, it does bother me a bit.”

Regardless of the comparisons, Starks has proved time and time again why he is regarded as one of the finest prospects in AEW. It remains to be seen what plans the promotion has in store for him going forward.

Interestingly enough, following Starks’ face-off with Danhausen, it has been suggested by many that a feud between him and fellow Team Taz star HOOK could be on the cards.

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