Alan Faneca, Pro Football Hall of Famer with epilepsy, reaches out to Justin Fields

Hall of Fame guard Alan Faneca reached out to Justin Fields on Twitter to make it clear he can have a long and successful career even with epilepsy.

Justin Fields seems to be under a microscope during the pre-draft process in 2021. His medical status has been a particular point of focus and news dropped this week that the quarterback revealed to teams he does deal with epilepsy.

This is not a new diagnosis for Fields and he appears to be managing it well, given his success at Ohio State. He even got some support from Hall of Fame guard Alan Faneca, who famously deals with epilepsy himself. Faneca made it clear that the neurological disorder is not going to slow Fields down.

Alan Faneca voices support for Justin Fields in his fight with epilepsy

The report from Ian Rapoport also explains how doctors believe Fields can outgrow the condition. Regardless, Faneca lives with epilepsy and had a great career himself. He also continues to post about removing the stigma behind the disorder.

Epilepsy is not the same for everyone. But in Fields’ case, the fact so many are just learning about this should indicate it will have no negative effects on his NFL career. It is not like this was a major issue during his time in college and doctors have said he may have already outgrown it.

Faneca sending this tweet means a lot to plenty of people and that shows up in the replies. He is a public figure speaking out in support of those with epilepsy and that includes the 22-year-old Fields.

The pre-draft process can sometimes be filled with stories that may include private information about young men. That is a lot to handle and it is great to see Fields get support instead of having this revelation break down his reputation ahead of what should be one of the most special nights of his life.

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