All games announced for Minecraft Championship (MCC) 24

Minecraft Championship is a popular team-oriented championship that usually features some of the biggest names in the community. MCC 24 includes names such as Wilbur Soot, Dream, TommyInnit, Tubbo, Philza, and Captain Sparklez. These teams must all compete in different minigames to collect coins, and the team with the most coins at the end of the competition wins.

These Minecraft games also have the advantage of being primarily unique and very fleshed out, setting the event apart from many popular Minecraft multiplayer server games such as bedwars, skywars, parkour, or even PvP and PvE.

Diving into the list of minigames in Minecraft Championship 24

Build Mart

Big Sales at Build Mart, also known simply as Build Mart, is a team-based MCC game. It debuted in MCC three, the second game added after the original eight. The game’s goal is simple: players need to head into the Build Mart, collect resources, return to their team’s private build zone, and build as many monuments as possible in the allotted time.

Each team has a 3×3 area to build and recreate as many builds as possible. They must communicate effectively to ensure that team members do not work on the same build. The MCC 24 version is a remix of this, though details about what is different have not yet been released.

Battle Box


Battle Box is a PvP/CTO-based Minecraft game. It was introduced in MCC two and was the first game added outside the original eight games. The game’s goal is to win the round by either placing the team’s wool block in the center of the map or having the most of their team’s wool in the center.

Teams only have one minute and one life to complete this goal and will rotate each round, playing against every other team in 4v4 matchups throughout nine rounds.

Grid Runners


Grid Runners is a team-based Minecraft game introduced in MCC 16 as a brand new game for season two. Teams are catapulted into ten identical, parallel courses containing challenge rooms. Players must communicate effectively, combing their skills and talents to clear the rooms and reach the finish line first.

Each team that completes the course will gain at least some points, with first place taking 375 points and last place taking 60.



Meltdown is a team-based PvP Minecraft game added in MCC 22. This game is played across three rounds, with the goal to collect as many coin crates as possible while eliminating other players. Each team is scattered across the grid-like lab at the start of the game, with individual entrances.

To break a crate, the player must have the telepickaxe, which only one team member can have at a time. Right-clicking will send the pickaxe to another team member. Additionally, teams have a bow that can freeze other players in place. If an entire team is frozen, they are eliminated. However, each player has a heater item that can unfreeze teammates.

The map will also slowly melt away as the game progresses, placing a hard timer on how long each round can take, incentivizing rushing ahead to get crates and stop opponents.

Rocket Spleef Rush


Rocket Spleef Rush is a PvP/Minigame hybrid introduced in MCC 20. It replaced the original minigame known as Rocket Spleef. The game’s goal is to use rocket launchers to eliminate other players. All players have elytras, rocket launchers, and a single-use updraft, which can be used to avoid elimination.

As time passes, players will be forced downwards, either through opponents breaking the blocks they are on or the map slowly disintegrating. The goal is to be the last player remaining. There are three rounds, with each round being on a different map.

Sky Battle


Sky Battle is a PvP Minecraft game that replaced Skyblockle after it was introduced in MCC nine. The goal of this game is to be the last player remaining. All players begin on a spawn island, where they must gather resources to craft items to eliminate opponents.

There are three rounds, with each round lasting for four minutes. Players only have one life, and the world border will slowly move inwards over time, forcing players into greater proximity to one another. Players can find useful items around the map, including bows, crossbows, melee weapons, TNT, creeper eggs, and fishing rods.

Ace Race


Ace Race is a movement-based Minecraft game that was introduced in MCC seven. Ace Race replaced the game Foot Race. Ace Race is a three-lap race around a large track full of shortcuts and pitfalls. Players will need to sprint, jump, and fly as fast as possible while avoiding obstacles to get the fastest time possible. There are even boosters along the track that can send players gliding.

Players must complete three laps within 10 minutes to win the game. They are equipped with a riptide trident, elytra, and depth strider boots, all of which allow players to take advantage of the environment of the course.

Hole in the Wall


Hole in the Wall is a movement-based Minecraft game introduced in MCC one and was one of the original eight games of MCC. The game’s goal is quite simple. Players simply need to jump or walk through holes in slime walls to avoid being pushed off the center platform.

There are three rounds, each lasting three minutes. These slime walls will move faster as the time passes through the round, and the gaps in the wall become smaller, increasing difficulty as the round progresses.

Sands of Time


Sands of Time is a team-based PvE Minecraft game introduced in MCC five. Players must traverse a dungeon temple, collecting coins scattered across the ground.

Also, players can find useful items such as armor, weapons, sand, and more in the dungeon. This sand is used to save players if they die and extend the timer in the center of the map, allowing teams to explore the dungeon for longer.

The goal is to explore the dungeon while making it out in time. As if players are in the dungeon, they will lose the coins they are holding when the timer runs out.

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