America had a highway covered in tomatoes, and another covered in alfredo sauce in the same day

Tractor trailers tipping over are simply a part of a truck-reliant society, but once in a while fate comes together to bring us something so uniquely hilarious that it’s sublime.

Early in the morning on Tuesday a truck was involved in a wreck out in California that spilled tens of thousands of pounds of tomatoes on the highway — with passing motorists quickly turning them into sauce.

It took over six hours to clean up the mess, and by eyewitness accounts the pulp was over two feet deep in places. Now, a whole bunch of tomatoes on a highway isn’t that funny on its own, until later in the day when Tennessee decided to join the party.

Firstly, it’s kind of incredible to imagine there are trucks on the road just carrying thousands of gallons of alfredo sauce, desperate to supply an alfredo-reliant society with the cream blanket so many need to enjoy their pasta. I never really think about what’s in trucks as they’re flying down the road, but moments like this make you consider it all a little differently.

Secondly, I’m just in love with the duality here. The red and the white, the yin and yang of pasta. United together in roadway disaster on the same day.

In the end motorists were only delayed for a little while, and nobody was critically injured. It just might be a little while drivers look at pasta sauce the same way again.

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