Andrew Benintendi trade details: Yankees acquire former Red Sox slugger [UPDATED]

Despite his COVID-19 vaccine status, Andrew Benintendi is headed back to the AL East. The Royals have traded him to the New York Yankees.

Just minutes after losing to their second straight game to the crosstown rival Mets, Brian Cashman had seen enough of this iteration of the Bronx Bombers.

Cashman and New York acquired Andrew Benintendi from the Kansas City Royals, a move that had been rumored for quite some time. New York was one of several teams interested in his services, though recent concerns about his COVID-19 vaccination status put those trade talks on hold.

Though Benintendi may not be able to play in Toronto, the Yankees only have three games remaining on the road against the Blue Jays, minus a potential playoff appearance, of course.

Andrew Benintendi trade details: Yankees trade prospects to Royals

The Yanks traded three prospects to the Royals in this trade, per ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan.

The following is the complete trade:

Yankees Get

OF, Andrew Benintendi

Royals Get

Pitcher, TJ Sikkema

Pitcher, Chandler Champlain

Pitcher, Beck Way

Benintendi is slashing .321/.389/.399 with a .788 OPS.

Yankees top prospects

Sikkema is the Yanks No. 19-ranked prospect, while Way is the team’s No. 21-ranked prospect. Chaplain is not ranked in the team’s top-30 prospects. All of these rankings are courtesy of MLB Pipeline.

Is Andrew Benintendi vaccinated?

Though he was previously unvaccinated, Benintendi has reportedly told those around him he will get the vaccine if necessary. This trade, it would appear, qualifies as important enough.

Benintendi’s vaccination status had been a hot topic of conversation, and for good reason. But if he were to received the COVID-19 vaccine prior to New York’s next series in Canada, it would quiet much of the concern.

Why did Royals trade Andrew Benintendi?

Benintendi was in a contract year, so it would be irresponsible of Kansas City to hold onto him for no reason, considering they’re in a losing season.

Picking up some prospect capital — even if it’s relatively light by industry standards — is the least they could do.

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