Antonio Brown has a warrant out for his arrest

There is a warrant out for the arrest of former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Early Thursday morning multiple reports came out that a warrant in Hillsborough County was out for the arrest of former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown for simple battery related to an incident on November 28. According to the county’s public database, a warrant has been populated.

Some are reporting the incident was a domestic incident that involved the mother of Brown’s children.

Several have reported Tampa Bay police plan to arrest Brown shortly including Ryan Bass of Bally Sports Florida.

Warrant is out for Antonio Brown’s arrest for battery related to a late-November incident

According to HSCO’s publicly available warrant database, Brown has been charged with battery for an incident that occurred on November 28th. The charge code is  784.03(1)(a)(1), which according to Florida law is simple battery with the detail of, “Actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the will of the other.”

According to Hussein and Webber, in Florida, “the penalties can include up to a year in jail, or a probationary sentence not to exceed one year. Unlike other misdemeanors, prosecutors in Florida do frequently seek jail sentences or probation sentences for even first time battery offenders.”

Simple battery differs from domestic battery, but it’s worth noting that the situation is developing and details of the charge(s) could change.

According to Kevin O’Donnell the incident involved the mother of his children.

Brown hasn’t played in the NFL since last year when he infamously removed his jersey in a game against the Jets and ran off the field, raising his hands repeatedly to get the crowd going on his way out. Later, we found out this was following a disagreement with then-Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians over Brown entering the game and whether or not he was injured.

Previously, Brown has a checkered history of involvement in various scandals.

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