“Are the Mets going to do anything?” “so the Yankee killer goes to Houston along with Mancini” – Yankees and Mets fans unite to hate on Boston Red Sox for trading Vazquez to Astros

The Boston Red Sox managed to do the impossible on Monday — unite Mets and Yankees fans.

With the trade of catcher Christian Vazquez to the Houston Astros, Boston bothered both New York teams.

Vazquez was of interest to the Mets. Plus it signals at least some form of a sell-off for the Red Sox. Will they also move JD Martinez, Eovaldi, Wacha, maybe Pivetta?…

Vazquez reportedly returned to the Red Sox a pair of prospects from the Astros.

Mets fans wanted to land Vazquez from Boston Red Sox

Boston drew the ire of New York Mets fans with this deal because they wanted to see Vazquez behind the plate for their team. The catcher has a .282 batting average and a .987 fielding percentage this season. Vazquez, 31, will be a free agent following this season.

With one of their top catching targets traded, Mets fans turned their attention to another talented backstop. Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras has been rumored to be on their radar but would require a bigger return than the Red Sox got for Vazquez.

Yankees fans were even more unhappy than usual with the Red Sox as well on Monday. After seeing Vazquez have several big hits while in Boston, New York fans became nervous he could do damage to them in the playoffs with Houston.

Along with Vazquez, another American League East hitter headed to Houston when the Orioles traded Trey Mancini to the Astros Monday afternoon.

Some Yankees fans worried what the pair would do in Houston. Others were angry with the team for not doing enough, despite a very active trade deadline.

Vazquez didn’t have to travel very far to meet his new teammates Monday night. The Boston Red Sox and the Astros shared the field, so he was already in the right building.

Vazquez when asked if he was traded to Astros, “I think so, yeah.” How does it feel: “It’s a business.”Red Sox PR pulled him away.

Vazquez has spent 14 years with the organization that drafted him. He looked like he had joined the Mets and Yankees fans in their annoyance with the Boston Red Sox for sending him to the Astros.

Edited by Jodi Whisenhunt

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