“Bad back is very concerning” “This team is in shambles” – New York Yankees fans are anxious as slugger Anthony Rizzo is placed on the IL with only one month till the playoffs

The New York Yankees continue to be plagued by injuries to their top players, this time affecting slugger Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo has been dealing with back injuries all throughout the season, and he will now spend time on the Injury List. This comes at a terrible time for both the Yankees and Rizzo, who need to capitalize on the few remaining games of the season.

Anthony Rizzo has been one of the best offensive weapons on the Yankees, when healthy that is. He has played 117 games for the New York Yankees in 2022 and has recorded 30 home runs and a .225 batting average. Missing time right before the playoffs is not ideal, as this injury could easily hamper his play in October.

Lindsey Adler of The Athletic was the first to report this lineup move, via Twitter.

Anthony Rizzo will be going on the IL, Aaron Boone says. Ronald Guzman will be added to the active roster tomorrow.

This is just about the last thing Yankees fans wanted to hear. Many expected that Rizzo would be making his return to the lineup soon, not missing an even longer period of time.

@lindseyadler @BryanHoch This team is in shambles. Hard to know who will be coming back and if they are able to ramp up in time to help in the final stretch, I’m doubtful.

Back injuries are notiriously difficult to recover from, and can affect a player for a long time.

@lindseyadler Bad back is very concerning- particularly when considering new contract. Hate to see this.

This has become a common occurrence for Yankees fans, who hoped these injury concerns were finally in the past.

The New York Yankees dealt with their fair share of injuries in the second half of their season, and their record reflects that. With Giancarlo Stanton, DJ LeMahieu and Aaron Hicks all having missed time this year, the Yankees are shorthanded.

@lindseyadler @LttleGel This man is literally breaking down before our very eyes It’s unbelievable how guys Like Stanton .. Rizzo.. Hicks (no complaints here) DJ .. just can’t get healthy or stay healthy You can’t have your team built around players that don’t play

The Yankees continue to get hammered by injuries. Legit can’t make this shit up.…

With only one month left in the regular season, the Yankees are running out of time to return to form. There was a time when they were the most feared team in the MLB. Now they are a shell of their former selves. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros, among others, have surged ahead of them in the standings.

The Yankees continue to get hammered by injuries. Legit can’t make this shit up.…

a lot will have to go right for the Yankees to turn this around. like, A LOT. Carpenter still down, DJ and Giancarlo playing through injuries. Benny might not make it back. what a rollercoaster of a season.…

Wow this is insane and so late on the season…

If Anthony Rizzo is not healthy for the start of the postseason, the Yankees are in trouble.

Man this isn’t the news we wanted but it was expected. I’m praying he’s good to go in time for the playoffs we need him at 100%…

With the playoffs fast approaching, this injury was the last thing the Yankees needed.

New York Yankees need to find a way to win despite missing Anthony Rizzo

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels
New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels

Anthony Rizzo is a core offensive player that the Yankees will need to replace in the aggregate. It will likely require multiple players to step up big time.

If the Yankees are the team they believe they are, this is a loss that can be overcome. Otherwise, they will continue their slump and risk losing the American League East crown they have held all season.

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