Best NBA player Halloween costumes, ranked

Happy Halloween! The NBA doesn’t get a break for the holiday, but that doesn’t mean the players can’t enjoy the festivities. There were a ton of different costumes on display over the past few days, so let’s take a look at the top 10.

Honorable mention: Washington Wizards – Kyle Kuzma meme

This doesn’t deserve its own spot on the list, but it needed to be included. This Kyle Kuzma outfit will live on in everyone’s memories, for better or for worse. (Almost certainly for worse.) Great job by the Washington Wizards’ social media team.

10. Russell Westbrook – Blue Power Ranger (?)

Being willing to dress up with your kids is great, but Russell Westbrook falls down a few spots on the list because of the lack of theme (I think). Honestly, not sure what kind of power ranger he is, but he still looks cool.

9. John Wall – Martin Lawrence in ‘Blue Streak’

Dressing up in a fat suit to be Martin Lawrence’s character in ‘Blue Streak’ is the perfect mix of creativity and comedy. Huge props to John Wall for this costume.

8. Erik Spoelstra – Master Splinter

As you may now realize, there will be a few family costumes on this list, but Erik Spoelstra needed a shoutout. Dressing up in a full mask to fit into the theme takes dedication.

7. Trae Young – Black Panther

This one’s just clean. It’s not funny or over-complicated, but Trae Young picked a very timely costume and pulled it off well.

6. JaVale McGee – Lord of the Rings

Seeing JaVale McGee rocking a full-on Gandalf fit is hilarious, but that’s not the reason he earned a place on this list. The commitment on display with the Gollum costume is amazing – pose and all and we love the NBA champ’s not-so-subtle rings reference.

5. Bradley Beal – The Flintstones

I mean, it doesn’t get much cuter than this. Bradley Beal and Kamiah Adams-Beal brought their kids to the Wizards facility dressed as the Flintstones. (He does fall a few spots on the list, though. Damian Lillard did this one last year.)

4. Damian Lillard – Toy Story/Stone Cold

Speaking of Lillard, his family’s rendition of the Toy Story cast was amazing. However, his cameo as Stone Cold Steve Austin catapulted him into the top five of this list.

3. Jarred Vanderbilt/Talen Horton-Tucker – ‘Last Friday’ Meme

Please direct your attention to the bottom left image in this Tweet. Jarred Vanderbilt and Talen Horton-Tucker dressed up as the characters from ‘Last Friday’ who went on to be a viral meme. Elite costume idea and flawless execution.

2. Grant Williams – Batman

Embracing the nickname (that he kind of gave himself), Grant Williams dressed up as Batman. But what really pushed him to second on this list is the fact that he did his post-game interview in the Batman voice (much to the dismay of Jayson Tatum).

1. Pascal Siakam – 50 Cent

This one takes the cake. Pascal Siakam not only dressed up as 50 Cent (or, as he calls himself, 43 Cent), but he also made his own highlight reel tape to the tune of Many Men. Amazing. He won NBA Halloween.

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