Big Ten expansion rumors: ‘Confidence’ that 2 big new members will join

Rumors continue swirling around the Big Ten expansion, and the latest include adding two more members.

The status of college football is ever-evolving, and with the Big Ten expanding, there are rumors of two more teams joining their conference.

Oregon and Washington are two teams looking to join the Big Ten, but the conference is also interested in adding Notre Dame.

USC and UCLA have already made the jump to the Big Ten, but the expansion is far from over, but it seems that the conference has specific plans for the next two programs.

The biggest push is for Notre Dame, a historic college football program independent of a conference. While the football team is separate, the rest of their sports are currently part of the ACC. So they would leave that conference to join as one with the Big Ten.

Notre Dame is the top priority for the Big Ten, leaving Oregon and Washington fighting for the final spot.

Which two teams with the Big Ten add in their expansion?

According to this tweet, Oregon is the second team. However, it’ll all depend on what Notre Dame does, but others think otherwise.

National football writer for CBS Sports Dennis Dodd states that the Big Ten is standing pat for now, and the decision from Notre Dame will be critical.

While these two Pac-12 powerhouses are waiting to see what happens, Notre Dame is currently handling this like the Bachelor manages night one. All those women are fighting for his attention, and at the end of the night, the Bachelor gets to make the final decision.

Television contracts are a big push for expansion, and the Big Ten is in control now. Plus, the Irish are also a hot commodity for this reason because they come with their television rights.

While all of this is still pretty complicated, the Big Ten expansion has shaken college football to its core, and it’ll be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

What will happen? Will there even be a Pac-12 after it’s all said and done? No one truly knows, but it’s a hot mess, and everyone is eating popcorn and watching it unfold.

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