Black Clover Chapter 325: Yuno makes a difficult choice that may have dire consequences

The release of Black Clover Chapter 325 has fans divided over the last page. In their fight against Lucifero, Yuno and Nacht had to make a difficult choice. Subverting all expectations, Yuno makes a decision that shows his maturity but has also offended some fans.

Black Clover Chapter 325 was released after a week’s break and consists of 11 pages. Mangaka Yuki Tabata will be busy next week due to the upcoming news on the anime and the movie, and as such, the page count is understandable. The art is very detailed as usual, but the last page looked less clean than Tabata’s usual work.

Lucifero injures Nacht, Yami, and Asta in Black Clover Chapter 325, Yuno faces the King of Devils

In the last chapter, Nacht and Yami combined their magic to create “Dark Magic X Shadow Magic: Kid’s Playground.” It allowed Yami to use “Dark Cloaked Deep Black Blade,” and Nacht to use “Devil Union: Canis X Felis.” Lucifero acknowledged that humans can kill him, and vowed to kill every human.

As Lucifero transformed into a new avatar, Asta and Yuno returned to battle despite being injured. Under Yami’s command, the four got ready to fight the King of Devils.

Black Clover Chapter 325 is titled “Dark, Starry Night.

Lucifero’s attack

Black Clover, Ch. 325: The King of the Devils shows the Magic Knights why he’s called that! Read it FREE from the official source!

Black Clover Chapter 325 begins with Lucifero completely destroying the combined attacks sent his way. The four continue to fight, however, and Asta requests Liebe to enter Devil Union since they still have two minutes left.

The surge of Anti-Magic in their Devil Union mode cancels out the mana surrounding them, weakening the Mana Zones and erasing Kid’s Playground. Asta uses his “Demon Slasher: Infinite Slash” once again, but this time it has no effect. Lucifero moves to punch him, taunting:

“You’re the most dangerous one, and yet you’re the easiest to kill.”

I really like how Asta all mighty Devil Union form make it impossible for him to take advantage of Nach mana zone or Yuno’s conjunction

Yami jumps in front of Asta to save him but gets his arm broken in the process and fails to cut Lucifero. Yuno moves the captain out of harm’s way by using his Conjunction. He and Nacht both realize that Asta and Yami are the only two people who can defeat Lucifero.

Nacht worries whether Yami can fight with one arm, while Yuno worries that Asta’s injuries can’t be healed yet. Additionally, Yuno cannot use Star Magic to aid or protect Asta since the Anti-Magic negates it.

Yuno bets on Yami

Ik it’s unpopular but I wanted William in this fight but both Yuno and the Mistiltein sword kinda serves as representatives for him so it pays off

Lucifero moves to attack Nacht and destroys his arm in the process as Adrammelech watches on. Asta cuts through the Gravity Magic in time to save Nacht, but Lucifero breaks his leg. Two stars appear on either side of Lucifero, but the Demon King is prepared for an attack from either side.

Yuno decides to bet on Yami because he has the Blade of Misteltein, which contains William’s magic. He also uses the Spirit of Boreas to shield Asta from Lucifero, but the king of the Devils breaks his weapon, his wings, and his crown, presumably throwing him out of Spirit Drive.

Final thoughts

This is great because its a big deviation from the Yuno we knew. He’s matured a lot. The fact that he even set his preferences aside was cool to see. In the long run, having Asta healed for round 2 is ideal so the decision will be rewarded.#BlackClover325 #ShadzBC #BC325

Yuno’s choice in Black Clover Chapter 325 has caused uproar amongst readers. Most believe that Asta was a better choice, while others think using the less injured Yami as the first fighter and allowing Asta to rest is a prudent choice.

Fans noted that Yuno showed incredible growth in being rational in the middle of the battle and deciding on Yami despite his strong relationship with Asta. However, the fact that he is currently facing Lucifero without the power of Spirit Drive, rendering him practically defenseless, has caused a lot of fans to worry about his survival.

Very ominous & suggestive reminder there that Adrammelech is still close & fresh. I think the fact that the others haven’t had thoughts to attack it or seemingly haven’t taken precautions against it is also very suggestive.. #BlackClover325 #ShadzBC #BC325

Adrammelech’s presence seems ominous, especially because the demon is still in possession of full power as opposed to the wounded Magic Knights. However, it is likely that they will also receive reinforcement. Readers are particularly hoping for Noelle’s return, but the events of Black Clover Chapter 325 indicate that it won’t be very soon.

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