Black Clover chapter 340: Ryuya shows a way for Asta to defeat Lucius as he fights with Ichika

Black Clover chapter 340 not only reveals additional details about Zetten but also features one of the most engaging fight scenes in the arc so far. The chapter elaborates upon the fighting prowess of Ichika Yami and hints at the might of the Ryuzen Seven. The Shogun also guides Asta towards the betterment of his power.

Black Clover chapter 340 also features a special drawing by mangaka Yuki Tabata regarding the upcoming movie, Black Clover: Mahoutei no Ken (The Wizard King’s Sword). While Tabata has stated this movie to be non-canon, the introduction of a new character ought to give fans a better insight into Julius Novachrono’s past.

Black Clover chapter 340: Asta battles Ichika and learns more about Zetten

Zetten as seen in chapter 339 (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)
Zetten as seen in chapter 339 (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)

In the previous chapter, Ryuya introduced Asta to Fumito Mikuriya, a healer who has healed Liebe. Later, the Shogun took Asta to a bamboo forest grown by Yoryoku, where Ichika displayed Zetten, a technique to gather the Yoryoku in one’s body and discharge it through a focused surface. Ryuya guided the boy through using Zetten by substituting Yoryoku with Anti-Magic.

Black Clover chapter 340 is titled An Opening.

Summary of Black Clover chapter 340

In Black Clover chapter 340, Asta is shown to have spent some time practicing Zetten on the Yoryoku bamboo trees. As Ryuya comments, the boy has got the basics down but lacks in the finer aspects of Zetten. While he is proficient in gathering and releasing his Anti-Magic, the only way to properly hone that skill is to fight an expert, in this case, Ichika.

Asta enters Devil Union and prepares to fight his captain’s younger sister. Mikuriya notes that Asta has essentially cloaked himself in Anti-Magic to the extent that he can automatically block out base-level Yojutsu. Ichika, however, is unimpressed and warns Asta that unless he takes this fight seriously, he may die.

Ryuya's direction on how to defeat Lucius (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)
Ryuya’s direction on how to defeat Lucius (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)

What follows is a clash between Anti-Magic and Zetten which Ichika dominates. Ryuya observes Asta’s technique and notices that while the boy can block the excess of her Yoryoku, he is unfamiliar with Ichika’s style of fighting. She is treating Anti-Magic as something to avoid and side-step, instead of the void that everyone else sees when they fight Asta.

Ichika says that the creator of Zetten (Heavenly Severance) could split open the sky with his application of Yoryoku. Ryuya comments that Ichika is taking advantage of the infinitesimal lapses in Asta’s concentration. Asta needs to do the same with Lucius, who is far too powerful to face head-on. The fight ends with Ichika almost knocking out Asta, but the boy remains conscious and thanks the Ryuzen for the fight.

When Asta passes out immediately after the battle, Ryuya informs Ichika that very few people can withstand her direct attack the way the Devil Host did. While Fumito is clearly impressed and the Shogun believes Asta to be full of promise, Lady Yami remains skeptical.

Final thoughts

Ichika and Ryuya both help Asta hone his skill (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)
Ichika and Ryuya both help Asta hone his skill (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)

Black Clover chapter 340 confirms that while Asta may train with Ichika and perhaps the Ryuzen seven in the future, Ryuya is the one to guide him properly. While he lacks Yoryoku, the Shogun is keen and understands the deficits in Asta’s techniques intimately. His suggestions speak of both knowledge and foresight, which is understandable given his all-seeing eye.

Ichika overpowers Asta (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)
Ichika overpowers Asta (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)

Ichika, as one of the Ryuzen Seven, is immensely powerful. She overpowers Asta using both strength and strategy. This leads readers to wonder how powerful the rest of the Ryuzen seven may be and how they may help Asta in his quest to become stronger. Ichika’s treatment of Anti-Magic may suggest that the Land of the Sun has had prior dealings in this field.

How Zetten got its name (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)
How Zetten got its name (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)

The reference to the creator of Zetten in Black Clover chapter 340 may be a hint towards this character becoming important later on. This could also be an indication that Asta will surpass the creator. Anti-Magic seems to be a natural deterrent to Yoryoku, therefore Asta’s version of Zetten has the potential to be more powerful than the original.

Ichika's disinterest in Sukehiro (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)
Ichika’s disinterest in Sukehiro (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)

Contrarily, it remains unclear whether Sukehiro’s Dark Magic is related to Zetten and Yoryoku. Ichika seemed reluctant to discuss her brother in the last chapter, but the Yami family is prominent in Hino Country, and the girl herself is one of the most powerful in the land.

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