Bobby Petrino to Texas A&M would only add gasoline to the snake oil fire

Jimbo Fisher might actually hire Bobby Petrino to be Texas A&M’s new offensive coordinator.

Keeping a low-profile has never been Texas A&M’s forte, as Jimbo Fisher may actually hire Bobby Petrino to be the Aggies’ next offensive coordinator.

The Missouri State Bears head coach has made a mess of it everywhere he has been. Although he had two strong runs at Louisville, everyone in Atlanta hates his guts and a picture is worth a thousand words in Arkansas. While Petrino is only a candidate to replace Darrell Dickey in College Station, what would it say about Fisher to have Petrino and D.J. Durkin as his two coordinators?

Texas A&M went 5-7 (2-6) last year under Fisher, so why not add gas to this snake oil grease fire?

Bobby Petrino is a candidate to become Texas A&M’s next offensive coordinator

From purely a schematic standpoint, Petrino could be a cure to what has been ailing Texas A&M for a good minute now. Petrino knows how to put his quarterbacks in positions to succeed, especially of the dual-threat playmaking variety. He was Lamar Jackson’s head coach at Louisville when he won the Heisman Trophy. Petrino was also slated to coach Michael Vick in the NFL, too.

However, Petrino only cares about himself and made a complete mockery of the Atlanta Falcons organization and the University of Arkansas. Those are two proud fanbases who want nothing more than to see him fail spectacularly one more time. If Fisher were to hire Petrino, Texas A&M would become the most hated team in the SEC, and this comes after Auburn hired Hugh Freeze…

Ultimately, Texas A&M fans must ask themselves what is a fair price towards winning prolifically? At this juncture, it serves Texas A&M to have a play-caller who does not insist on the quarterback holding the football up by his earhole at all times like it is still 2006. Petrino would run a scheme that would afford for more magic to happen. Conversely, his arrival will breed a culture of toxicity.

Keep in mind Petrino has not served as an offensive coordinator since he was at Auburn in 2002.

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