Braves fans furious after Zack Wheeler drills Ronald Acuña on hand (Video)

Phillies starting pitcher Zack Wheeler hit Braves star Ronald Acuña with a pitch on the hand, and he looked to be in serious pain.

Wheeler clearly did not hit Acuña on purpose, but fans did not take kindly to the action by one of the best pitchers in the National League.

The Phils signed Wheeler for big games exactly like this. Even if he did hold a grudge against Acuña, he would not take it out on him in a playoff game. So, let’s get that out of the way.

Unfortunately, Wheeler drilled Acuña on the hand, a spot where he was vulnerable. Thankfully, he wasn’t removed from the game.

Acuña scored the Braves first run of the game, and they notched three in the inning thanks to Wheeler.

Braves fans are furious at Zack Wheeler for hitting Ronald Acuña

Acuña was able to stay in the game after the fact, but the response on social media was a mix of Braves fans assuming the HBP was on purpose, and Phillies fans angry at Atlanta supporters for booing Wheeler in the moment.

Both are wrong, at least for now.

Wheeler, of course, did not drill Acuña on purpose in a playoff game, as previously mentioned. However, is it really that surprising that the home fans booed Wheeler for such an egregious pitch? He had immaculate control all night, and suddenly tried to go inside on the Braves best hitter.

Keep it together, dude!

Here’s to hoping Acuña is okay long-term. Baseball will benefit from him remaining healthy.

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