Braves get screwed out of early lead by Fenway Park

Matt Olson looked like he’d given the Atlanta Braves an early lead with a home run against the Red Sox, but Fenway Park had other plans. 

After the Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox combined for 16 runs in an extra-innings affair on Tuesday to start their two-game series at Fenway Park, a scoreless first inning then led to visiting first baseman Matt Olson leading off the second inning. And he decided that he was going to get the goose egg off of the scoreboard for his team.

Staring down Red Sox starter Nick Pivetta, Olson got a hold of one and sent it out to deep right field. The broadcast booths for both teams seemed to think it was gone.

Only it wasn’t. And the only reason that it wasn’t is that the two teams were playing at Fenway Park on this particular Wednesday night.

Braves: Matt Olson robbed of home run by Fenway Park

To put it plainly, Fenway Park combined with the weather in Boston are the only reason that Matt Olson didn’t give the Braves an early lead over the home team. Where he hit the ball in deep right field, that would have been a home run in every other major league ballpark, but not Fenway with its funky right field dimensions.

To make matters worse, it actually would’ve been a homer in Fenway too if not for the wind blowing in just slightly, which caused the ball to go 10 feet shorter and three feet to the left of where it otherwise would’ve gone — a.k.a. just short of over the fence.

Talk about some bad luck.

That’s certainly not what the Braves were hoping for from that at-bat and, despite a big cut in his next trip to the plate, Olson couldn’t make it right as he flied out. But he has to feel like Fenway Park stole one from him on Wednesday.

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