Braves should bring back a long lost fan favorite

The Atlanta Braves could use some outfield help, either now or in the near future. Could Jason Heyward be made available?

Heyward isn’t having a good season offensively. Heck, he hasn’t had a good half-decade in Chicago.

Yet, he remains a key, influential member of the Cubs clubhouse and well-liked in the organization. Jed Hoyer has stated that the two sides will part ways after the year, but doesn’t want to cut ties in early August.

Per Jesse Rogers, a return to the organization could be in play a few years from now when Heyward retires:

“Hoyer didn’t rule out a role for Heyward with the organization after he retires but indicated that the veteran told him he wants to keep playing. It just won’t be with the Cubs.

“We felt like it was the right thing to do given where we are as an organization,” Hoyer said. “He doesn’t like it but understands where we are. I think it’s been a bit frustrating the last year and a half.”

Could Jason Heyward return to the Braves?

But until then, Heyward still wants to play. He understands that will be on a part-time basis.

Could the former Brave reinvent himself with a familiar organization? Why not go back to where it all began?

For this to happen during the season, Heyward would need to be released by the Cubs, as waiver trades are a thing of the past. The more likely scenario is that Heyward is cut this offseason, as scheduled, and Atlanta takes a flyer on him. Given the struggles of Marcell Ozuna, it would make sense to add a player to increase clubhouse morale in comparison.

Heyward is a former top Braves prospect. In five seasons with Atlanta, he made an All-Star team (his only as a professional) and won two Gold Glove awards. He remains a great defender, but needs to reinvent himself at the dish to become an everyday player again.

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