“Bring him back to reality” – Seth Rollins challenged by current WWE star at Clash at the Castle (Exclusive)

Seth Rollins is one of the top heels in sports entertainment and, as a result, has a target on his back. WWE NXT UK star Noam Dar feels he could tear down the house with The Visionary at Clash at the Castle.

Rollins plays a demented, unhinged character, cackling and prancing around while putting on excellent matches on RAW. While he is in a feud with Riddle at the time, their match at SummerSlam was postponed at the very last second.

Currently, he doesn’t have a match at the upcoming WWE premium live event, Clash at the Castle.

Nor does Noam Dar, who feels that Seth Rollins has been flapping his gums. In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, the NXT UK star explained why Rollins would be the perfect opponent for him:

“Well, I feel that Seth Rollins has been talking a lot of smack about how he’s the best in the world. He’s not getting what he deserves. I think if he stood in front of me that may snap him out of that mindset and bring him back to reality a little bit.” (2.51-3.06)

Dar praised Rollins’ skills, dubbing him an all-time great. He snapped back into character and challenged the top heel to the upcoming premium live event:

“I feel like he’s one of the best talents of all time. And it’s unfortunate him and Matt Riddle didn’t get a match at SummerSlam. But Rollins needs to be careful when he says there’s nobody on his level.” (3.08-3.16)

Be sure to check out the entire interview right below:


Who does Seth Rollins consider to be the best wrestler in the world?

With so many WWE Superstars showering Rollins with praise as an all-time great, who does The Visionary hold in the highest regard? It’s his wife, Becky Lynch.

In an interview with Sport1, Rollins said the following about The Man:

“Becky has become one of the biggest stars in the history of our industry with her personality, she is now the greatest wrestler of all time for me.”

Who do you think Seth Rollins should face at WWE Clash at the Castle? Let us know in the comments below.

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A current star just challenged Seth Rollins. More details right here.

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