“Bro don’t need any more food” – NFL fans mock Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott over recent weight gain 

Running back Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys recently returned to practice and has fans worried about his perceived weight gain. After the Dallas Cowboys lost yet again in the playoffs last season, their fans will be pining for an improved performance from their personnel this season.

However, Ezekiel Elliott’s supposedly portly figure is now causing consternation among the Cowboys’ faithful while evoking much mirth among fans of other teams. NFL Twitter blew up with the reactions.

@PFF_Fantasy You know Zeke is fat and out of shape when he’s wearing multiple layers of clothing 😂

@PFF_Fantasy He needs to stay out of the donut shop damn, he got HUGE, he used to be awesome, I had him in fantasy, how a couple years could change a guy.

@PFF_Fantasy Stop feeding Zeke so he can actually move. He’s gonna be out of the league in 2 years max

@PFF_Fantasy Zeke needs to go on a cut. This is where you eat around 200-500 less maintenance calories in a day with higher rep range in the gym. I would know this as someone who was a major gym rat back in my day.

@PFF_Fantasy That’s not actually zeke is it? That’s a lineman in his jersey again right? 😳

@PFF_Fantasy You could have used a clip where he wasn’t moving like a 56 year old.

@PFF_Fantasy I think they might wanna stop feeding Zeke. Boy starting to look like Eddie Lacy.

Ezekiel Elliott’s history of weight gain

Ezekiel Elliott has a history of weight gain ever since entering the league with the Dallas Cowboys. In 2017, Randy Moss, claimed that he was worried about how overweight Elliott had gotten.


The same problem recurred in 2019, when, prior to the season, he was criticized again for being too bulky.

Watching Ezekiel Elliott walk into the stadium and … is he turning into Fat Thor?

Weight gain has been a perceived problem for Ezekiel Elliott over the years, as identified by fans. But the man himself has pushed back over such comments and in many cases has let his performance on the field do the talking.

In 2019, after he was identified as being overweight, he ran for 1,357 yards and scored 12 rushing touchdowns. He made it all the way to the Pro Bowl and was a vital cog in the Dallas Cowboys machine.

So, it might just turn out to be the case that Zeke Elliott is often unfairly maligned because of what has become a constant offseason storyline over the years. What should be more concerning to the Dallas Cowboys fans is the fact that the aforementioned 2019 Pro Bowl was his last selection.


Considering the punishment running backs take on a weekly basis, maintaining their health is of more immediate interest than maintaining their weight. For the Dallas Cowboys to go far in the postseason, or at least win a playoff game, they need Elliott to be firing on all cylinders.

His drop in performances and related injuries over the past couple of seasons are bigger concerns than any weight issues that an untrained eye might be judging.

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