“Burrow, Dak, and Herbert over Lamar???” – NFL fans left outraged over Madden 23 QB rating

The new Madden 23 video game will be released soon, but EA Sports have revealed the top-rated players for each position.

The game will be available from August 19 for fans to purchase, with the late John Madden gracing the cover.

Every year, the ratings are released around a month before the game comes out and fans always complain about how bad the ratings are.

The quarterback ratings were one of the last positions released, and there are some surprises in the list.

The top-10 quarterbacks with the highest rating in Madden are:

  1. Tom Brady – 97
  2. Aaron Rodgers – 96
  3. Patrick Mahomes – 95
  4. Josh Allen – 92
  5. Joe Burrow – 90
  6. Dak Prescott – 89
  7. Justin Herbert – 88
  8. Russell Wilson – 87
  9. Lamar Jackson – 87
  10. Matthew Stafford – 85

Last year, Mahomes was the highest-rated quarterback with the only 99 overall. Brady was second with 97, and Rodgers was third with a 96 overall. Russell Wilson was fourth with a 94 overall and Lamar Jackson rounded out the top-five with a 91 overall.

As one would expect, the release of the ratings led to a lot of reactions on Twitter. This particular Twitter user doesn’t know how Stafford only has an 85 rating after winning the Super Bowl and he thinks Lamar Jackson should be above Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, and Dak Prescott.

@espn @EAMaddenNFL Matt Stafford won a super bowl and is only an 85??? Burrow, Dak and Herbert over Lamar???

Here is a collection of other tweets from fans on the topic of Madden 23.

@espn @EAMaddenNFL I don’t overly like the packers…BUT HOW TF IS BACK TO BACK MVP NOT THE BEST? Plus Dak over Lamar?

@espn @EAMaddenNFL Dak better than Lamar, Stafford, AND Russ??😂😂😂😂😂😂 come on now

@espn @EAMaddenNFL Anybody who has watched football the last 5 years knows Brady ISN’T the best QB anymore. He’s clutch, has a SUPER fast release, and with team playing well wins. He should be a 91 overall. Mahomes and Allen should be equals at this point. Wilson receives nothing but disrespect.

@espn @IveysWrld @EAMaddenNFL I swear Madden purposely makes their ratings controversial in order to get people talking about the game online.

@espn @EAMaddenNFL Stafford needs to jump to number 6. Homie literally just won the super bowl

While the Madden 23 ratings don’t necessarily matter since it’s just a video game, it always gets fans and people going and it’s interesting to see what video game developers think.

Edited by Akshay Saraswat

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