Cam Heyward defends Kenny Pickett’s hand size, proceeds to call him ‘Burger King Hands’

Cam Heyward does not see Kenny Pickett’s hand size as an issue for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When it comes to Kenny Pickett’s hand size, Pittsburgh Steelers star Cam Heyward defends his rookie quarterback’s “Burger King Hands.”

Looking to conquer the AFC North with his average-sized hands like Joe Burrow did before him, Pickett believes in a thing called gloves. After listening to the rhythm of his arm during OTAs, Heyward believes the Steelers can make it now because Pickett was always rocking ’til the sun went down at Pitt. Two gloves, one ACC championship. Enough said because Pickett can pick it!

Heyward does believe Pickett’s hand size has been grossly overstated but then proceeds to call him “Burger King Hands” because he is the savvy veteran and the quarterback is merely a rookie.

Here is the entire episode of Not Just Football w/ Cam Heyward where he talked about Pickett.

Cam Heyward gives Kenny Pickett big hand during latest episode of his podcast

I gotta hand it to Heyward. “Burger King Hands” is a hilarious nickname. It reminds us of a commercial from a simpler time when two guys could be slinging the pigskin at a local park before deciding on what burger chain was going to satisfy their hunger. Off-brand Brady Quinn really wanted to have it this way, but when you got these tiny hands, you settle for the Golden Arches…

Not to say Heinz ended its naming rights sponsorship with Pittsburgh’s football cathedral because the team’s rookie quarterback lacked the finger strength to unscrew a ketchup bottle, but him not having the force in his wrist to rap the 57 on the side of it to make the succulent, tomatoey colloid fall onto a heaping pile of French fries sure did not help. Pittsburgh is a blue-collar town at its core.

Let’s be real. Here is to Pickett procuring the greatest Burger King sponsorship by a fellow Yinzer since Andy Warhol. The only way this can be topped is if Pickett is devouring his Whopper wearing a pair of football gloves. If he can wash it down with ice-cold Coca-Cola handed to him by Steelers legend Mean Joe Greene, that would be perfection. Of course, Greene will have to open it for him.

If Pickett does not get a Burger King sponsorship out of this, he will never be revered like Warhol.

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