Canelo Alvarez wants to whoop Messi after he stepped on Mexco jersey at World Cup

The best boxer in the world has beef with the biggest soccer star in the world because of a perceived moment of disrespect that happened in the World Cup.

On Saturday, Argentina defeated Mexico, 2-0, in the World Cup thanks to a brilliant goal by Lionel Messi. The 35-year-old broke a scoreless draw in the 64th minute with a missile from outside the box. Argentina was playing for its tournament life in its second game after a shocking defeat to Saudi Arabia in their World Cup opener, and Messi heroically came through when his country needed it. It was a monumental moment for one of the all-time greats playing in what’s likely his final World Cup after a long history of coming up a little short in the sport’s premier event.

Not everyone was happy for Messi, though. After the game, a video circulated of Messi standing on a Mexico jersey. Champion boxer Canelo Alvarez, a native of and Guadalajara, Mexico, immediately called him out on Twitter and in so many words said it’s on sight if he ever sees Messi in the street.

Here’s the locker room video of Messi that made Canelo so mad.

And here are two tweets from Canelo on the incident. This one translates to “They saw Messi cleaning the floor with our shirt and flag ????”

And this one translates to “That I ask God that I don’t find it!!”

If there’s one person you do not want beef with, it’s Canelo Alvarez. Messi has upset the wrong guy, and he should thread lightly from here.

You can watch Messi’s goal against Mexico at the 64th minute of the game below:

Argentina’s World Cup dreams are still alive because of Messi. He just needs to be more careful about who he is pissing off.

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