Cardinals fans bolt early after Game 1 ninth-inning collapse (Video)

St. Louis Cardinals fans left early after a ninth-inning collapse for the ages against the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Cards entered the ninth inning of their Game 1 tilt against the Phillies with a 2-0 lead. Before they knew it, a collapse of epic proportions led to a 6-3 defeat.

St. Louis closer Ryan Helsley couldn’t record a single out in the ninth inning after a relatively flawless eighth, and was eventually removed with an injury. Before he did, he surrendered a run and left the bases loaded. Helsey’s final line was one inning of work, one hit, four earned runs and two walks. That was good for a 36.00 postseason ERA. Woof.

Andre Pallante was called upon in relief of Helsey, and that did not go according to plan. The Phillies scored six runs in the inning.

Cardinals fans left early after Game 1 collapse

St. Louis baseball fans are among the best in the league. Heck, they even dubbed themselves that very title.

Unfortunately, in moments like these, we all lose hope. Hence why Cardinals fans left the game prior to the bottom of the ninth, facing a four-run deficit.

Cubs fans are going to have a field day with this, aren’t they?

St. Louis lost Game 1 despite leading for the majority of the contest. Oli Marmol made some fantastic decisions, including pulling Jose Quintana early in favor of his bullpen, which was unblemished until the ninth. He will receive some flack thanks to Helsley and Pallante, though he was in a tough position to begin with.

Recovering from such a deflating defeat is nearly impossible, especially in a best-of-3 series. It’s Marmol’s job to rally the troops, one way or another.

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