Cardinals fans upset with Yadier Molina for basketball game during injury rehab

Some St. Louis Cardinals fans are upset with Yadier Molina for playing in a professional basketball game while rehabbing from injury.

At this point, it feels safe to point out that this is likely Molina’s last season. He and Adam Wainwright have had one hell of a run, and Yadi ending his career with Albert Pujols back in his dugout just feels right.

Unfortunately, Molina has dealt with some injury issues in the first half. Andrew Knizer has taken over much of the catching duties as a result. Molina is expected to return to the team in August.

However, recent video shows Yadi playing in a basketball league in Puerto Rico.

We can call that Yadi being Yadi, and if it were the offseason fans would merely laugh it off. Yet, what’s up with that injury? Isn’t Molina dealing with a knee issue?

Cardinals: Yadier Molina plays basketball during injury rehab

Call To The Pen brought Molina’s actions into question in a recent article, and for good reason:

“But this also leads to the question of what is going on with Molina. He may well be on the verge of getting ready for baseball activities, but the Cardinals do not seem to have an answer for that timeline. Showing up at a basketball game and having that sort of moment does not help that perception.”

Cards fans tend to agree with this sentiment, as well.

Valid questions from a fanbase that has long expected quite a bit from their backstop. While it is Molina’s last season, the Cards are battling for a playoff spot in the NL Central. Hopefully, for their sake, Yadi can be back at full strength come early August.

If not, expect the pressure to ramp up.

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