Cardinals Sunday Night baseball win had Cubs fan in shambles

The Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals share an intense rivalry, but one fan in particular appeared to be very bitter following the Cards performance on Sunday Night Baseball.

The National League Central Division is home to some intense rivalries. Despite the fact the Milwaukee Brewers have been one of the better teams in the NL Central the past few seasons, their fanbase seems to avoid the overwhelming hatred that exists among the other four teams in the division.

But few fanbases offer more polarizing viewpoints than the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs. The Cardinals have been the gold standard for success for decades and the Cubs have oftentimes been seen as the lovable losers.

Once the Cubbies captured their first World Series Championship in over 100 years, Wrigleyville started to get a bit boastful. Cubs fans thought that the winning attitude brought to the Windy City courtesy of Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo, and Kris Bryant would last for years.

Cubs and Cardinals fans will never see eye to eye.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and the Chicago brass decided to tear it all down last summer. The Cubs are in rebuild mode and are currently in fourth-place in the NL Central.

The Cardinals, on the other hand, just seem to keep on winning. Thought to be completely out of the playoff race last September, St. Louis mounted a charge that we’d never seen before and won 17 consecutive games to secure a spot in the postseason.

Sunday Night Baseball featured the St. Louis Cardinals going head-to-head with the San Francisco Giants. It wasn’t much of game as the Cards dismantled the Giants by a final score of 15-6. We even saw Albert Pujols on the mound in the ninth inning after St. Louis staked a 15-2 lead.

A Cardinals fan took to Twitter during the game and expressed his love for the St. Louis trio of Pujols, Adam Wainwright, and Yadier Molina, claiming that those three players are the reason why he loves the game of baseball.

Apparently a Cubs fan didn’t feel the same way. Seeing the same tweet, a member of Cubs Nation stated that all three of the Cardinals pictured deserved to be in jail. Yikes!

If there’s one thing that both the St. Louis Cardinals fans and Chicago Cubs faithful can agree upon it’s that both fanbases are extremely passionate about their baseball teams.

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