Case Keenum pranks Bills teammates as undercover fan seeking autographs

Buffalo Bills backup quarterback Case Keenum goes undercover to get teammates’ autographs.

Case Keenum is your undercover Buffalo brother.

Blessed with a bucket hat, a slick pair of shades and a credential from circa 2019, Keenum decided he needed to get all of his new Buffalo Bills teammates to sign his football unknowingly. More incognito than Bills legend Richie Incognito, Keenum played many of his teammates for a fool. From Josh Allen to his Minneapolis Miracle man Stefon Diggs, look who won’t get fooled again…

I can’t explain, but I think it’s love of all things Bills football that drove Keenum to pull this off.

Original Prankster Case Keenum had Bills teammates signing autographs for him

I know the Bills want to hit that blocking sled so badly, but the kids aren’t alright after what transpired over 13 seconds at Arrowhead in January. Keenum wasn’t there, but he saw what happened from the comfort of his couch somewhere on the other side of Lake Erie. Not to say he swam across the whole thing, but it would not have been as impressive as his autographing skills.

There’s a reason why folding tables always seem to be out of stock in Western New York. It’s the same reason why the only way to get yourself a healthy supply of condiments is to venture into your closest Costco. As a new card-carrying member of Bills Mafia, Keenum is about to learn a life of close, but no cigar in the Great Lakes region. Then again, he did play for the Minnesota Vikings…

Admittedly, the only way Keenum’s stunt would have been any better is if he held up a freaking baby and had his teammates sign the child like Ricky Bobby after he went fast around the track. Hashtag Shake and Bake, no doubt, but there is doubt if Buffalo will finally do something it never has before this year. Win the Super Bowl. According to the oddsmakers, they are first, not last.

If Buffalo does win the Super Bowl, let’s hope the Buffalonian parade cops don’t confuse Keenum for a fan like those ATLiens did Tyler Matzek. Like Matzek, Keenum tucks his pen into his sock.

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