Champion again, Steph Curry is flexing on everyone with his jewelry

Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors championship ring necklace is the epitome of drip, dawg.

With the Golden State Warriors throwing another championship parade, it was only fitting that Steph Curry brought out his championship ring necklace.

While it may take a few months before he adds a fourth to it, Curry made it a point to rock his necklace with rings one, two, three just for show. He earned every single one of them as arguably the greatest undersized guard in NBA history. With Ring No. 4 joining the championship necklace wolfpack in short order, Curry just doubled up Isiah Thomas in the rings department forever, y’all!

It’s not a Joc Pederson pearl necklace, but damn, does Curry’s championship necklace look good…

Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors championship ring necklace is so awesome

If I ever was a champion of this triumphant magnitude, I would so get it fitted for the pinkie to be the pettiest of rings possible. Curry does not appear to roll that way, but we should all respect his decision to put them on a cool necklace. Jewelry is not every dude’s cup of tea, but Curry owns his championship necklace about as good as anyone could. He only brings it out for special occasions.

While it remains to be seen if the Warriors will ever reach the summit with this core four again of Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and head coach Steve Kerr, no doubt about it, all four men’s legacies with Golden State are cemented in gold forever. All four will be getting into the basketball hall of fame on the first ballot, either as a perennial All-Star, or as a coach in Kerr’ case.

Ultimately, Curry is either knocking on the door, or has kicked the door down, as a top-10 player ever in the history of basketball. Should he get a fifth ring, I mean, the debate between he, Tim Duncan and the late, great Kobe Bryant gets even more interesting. Does a fifth Curry ring leave LeBron James coughing on his gold dust? At least all four of Curry’s rings are legitimate ones…

A fourth ring may not be going on the pinkie, but good for Curry to bring out the ring necklace.

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